How to Import Clash of Clans Game on Android From iOS?

The popular clash of clans game is no longer iOS and here is how android users can get started. Players can keep their villages in sync across both major platforms. Getting started is easy for the new android player. Head over to Google play and then download clash of clans. It is a free app and once you get going, you may feel tempted to buy gems and speed up your progress but I suggest you use tools such as clanshacker since they are free. It will not become the second highest grossing iPhone app without plenty of people buying gems and making other in-app purchases.

The game can be played in both single-player and multiplayer mode. You can choose not to play any of the two gameplay modes. This gives users flexibility and choice. MMO refers to massively multiplayer online which is the type of game clash of clans. Clash of clans is limited to your Smartphone’s only. The game gives users the flexibility to play it for free but there is also a paid option. If you want to get ahead of the game then you can buy in-game currency called gems. These gems act as boosts. In this article, you will read about how to import clash of clans game on android from iOS.

Migrating from iOS:

For the existing iOS player, you will need to do a one-time linking of your iOS device to your android device. You will not be leaving iOS behind if you do this. The link will allow you to play on either platform. You will need to download clash of clans for android from google play and go through after the game loads. When you import your existing name and existing village will overwrite what you do in the tutorial.

Now you can use the gears icon in the lower right of your screen to reach the link a device option in settings. This option will indicate that you are on the new device you want to import a game onto. You will get the link code by following the same procedure on any iOS device where you can play clash of clans. You have to take the code from the old device and put it into your new device, your existing village will appear on the new device.

Additional android devices:

Once you have installed clash of clans on any android device then you will not need to go back to your iOS device for a link code to get it going on an additional android phone. Just install clash of clans then select the Google sign in option. This will let you pick your Google account with a clash of clans village through android then allow you to bring that village into the new device.

Between iOS and android:

One of the best things is when it comes to using android it is not a one-way street. You can play the same village on both android and iOS devices after doing an import. You can go back and forth between the platforms and after the one-time setup is done. If you open a village on any device then that device will temporarily lock out all other devices.

Anyone can play clash of clans on multiple iOS devices is used to seeing the connection lost message when they open their village on a new device. Now it works on both android and iOS so that you never have your village open more than one device at the same time. After you have established your village on any device then just launch the app to play.

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