10 Most Disappointing Video Games of 2010

The year in video games for 2010 ended in a similar fashion to the rest of the year, disappointing. Normally when the holiday season hits video gamers have their choice of multiple A+ video games but this holiday season the big releases were more like B games. With the exception of a handful of games (Mass Effect 2, Red Dead Redemption, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Galaxy 2) most of the games in 2010 were a disappointment and these eight were the most disappointing.
Epic Mickey
Epic Mickey is not a bad game; in fact it is far from a bad game. It just failed to live up to the monumental expectations. When art from the video game was first released a couple of years ago Epic Mickey looked like a hands-down game of the year candidate. Instead Epic Mickey probably wouldn’t even make a top 10 list for 2010 and it doesn’t help that Epic Mickey is the same style as Mario, which blew the Disney mouse out of the water with Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Final Fantasy XIV
Most of the games on this list are video games that had high expectations and failed to live up to it but Final Fantasy XIV is a different type of disappointment. There were very few Final Fantasy fans that had high expectations for Final Fantasy XIV. This game is a disappointment in that it was made when nobody was clamoring for a Final Fantasy MMO. After thirteen main title games (and many other side games and spinoffs) Square Enix should know what their fans want and should have known Final Fantasy XIV was not it.

APB was being dubbed as Grand Theft Auto as an MMO game. Sure it was about stealing cars and shooting people and sure, it was also a MMO. Unfortunately they forgot to include GTA’s good stories, good missions, good characters, good voice acting and good side quests. Other than that it was exactly like a GTA MMO.

Fighters Uncaged
When Microsoft showed off Kinect for the first time it was pretty clear that this was just going to be another vehicle for boring sports games and lame dancing games. The one small hope was that Fighters Uncaged would be a good alternative for hardcore gamers that just want to kick some butt. Unfortunately Fighters Uncaged was possibly the worst of all the Kinect games.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
Fans of the Prince of Persia series knew that 2010’s blockbuster movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal was going to be a bomb but at least they had The Forgotten Sands to look forward to. If Prince of Persia had some other name on the front of the box it might not have been as disappointing but this installment just wasn’t up to snuff with the Prince of Persia series.

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair
Castlevania is a beloved video game series that deserved a better installment than Harrmony of Despair. There were mixed reviews for Harmony of Despair with many pointing to brevity as a main issue. A Castlevania game deserves more one player time than just six levels. Most of the positive reviews were due to an online multiplayer mode but developers should have known that Castlevania fans would desire a good one player mode more than a new multiplayer mode.
Dark Void
Dark Void was a game many were looking forward to in 2010 and there are even rumors that Brad Pitt is developing a feature film with Pitt possibly playing the lead. For once Hollywood couldn’t possibly ruin a good game with a movie adaptation because there is no good game to ruin. Many magazines were giving Dark Void a rating around 5 out of 10 saying it was a generic shooter with too many bugs to even be an average game.

X-Men Arcade
X-Men Arcade was possibly the most talked about Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade game of 2010. Fanboys were excited that the arcade X-men game they all loved as a child was going to be playable on their consoles. Unfortunately playing X-men Arcade is just like watching old He-Man or Thundercats cartoons. Realization sets in that when you were a child you liked a lot of stuff that kind of sucked. The truth is the X-Men Arcade was not a great game; we just loved it because it was the X-Men and because it was one of the few six player games. Now that games can be played online with thousands of other people the novelty of a six player game has worn off.

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